Solid Steel Balls 6.5mm 7.938mm 8.731mm 9.525mm 11.5mm 12mm for Bearings 6300 Series

Solid Steel Balls 6.5mm 7.938mm 8.731mm 9.525mm 11.5mm 12mm for Bearings 6300 Series

Wuxi jinniu steel ball co., LTD. always lead the new development of technologies, new products and value-added services. Over the years, many kinds of steel balls have been created, applied, and enable real growth for customers into new marketplaces.
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Our company has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of 3.969 mm steel ball, 7.938 mm steel ball, Steel Ball For Bicycle Parts, products are widely used in various fields. We need to meet customers' demands through promoting the value of the products in technological innovation. We now have established long-term, stable and good business relationships with many manufacturers and wholesalers around the world. Join us and let's make driving safer and funnier together!


This kind of 6.5mm Bearing Steel Ball uses the world's leading anhydrous production process, that is, completely dry resin sand is applied on the metal film, completely avoiding forging problems such as porosity or slag inclusion caused by water glass moisture, which greatly improves the product quality and Iron-carbon ratio, as far as possible to meet the quenching needs. In addition, the surface of the 6.5mm Bearing Steel Ball is smooth, and the area of the riser occupies a small total surface area of the steel ball, which effectively reduces its inefficient abrasion at the riser, which also helps reduce energy consumption and enhance production output. Besides, it has the advantages of high precision, small size, smooth surface, delicate design, low costs, high cost effective, wear resistance and durability. The 6.5mm Bearing Steel Ball is very popular with our customers worldwide. 


Low alloy hardened chromium steel balls, they show excellent hardness, wear resistance, very good surface finishing and dimensional stability.

1.high fracture toughness,

2.high bending strength,

3.excellent heat insulating property

4.Corrosion resistant 


Application of Bearing Steel Ball

Precision bearings, automotive components (brakes, steering, line shaft), bicycle, agitators, appliances, sliders, quick couplings, machine tool, lock mechanisms, conveyor belts, skates, pens, pumps, castors, measurement instruments, valves.


Mechanical Properties      

Bearing Steel Balls are uniformly hardened and tempered throughout their entire diameter to achieve maximum strength and quality. Ball hardness is controlled within the 60-66 HRC range as measured on parallel flat surfaces. Custom heat treating is available for special hardness and dimensional stability requirements.


There are emergency inventory for regular sizes, which ensure uninterruptable.

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Our professional and characteristic Solid Steel Balls 6.5mm 7.938mm 8.731mm 9.525mm 11.5mm 12mm for Bearings 6300 Series can provide you with a perfect and excellent experience. We warmly welcome customers across the country and abroad to visit our business and work together to create a brighter future. We keep moving forward since we have a huge corporate cohesion and a humanized corporate culture, adhering to the concept of integrity, pragmatism, and innovation.
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