11.5mm 29/64

11.5mm 29/64" Stainless Steel Ball Carbon Steel Ball Chrome Steel Balls G10-G1000 Solid Bearing Steel Balls for Sale

Solid chrome bearing steel balls are special highly spherical and smooth balls, most commonly used in ball bearings, but also used as components in things like freewheel mechanisms. The balls come in many different grades.
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We are committed to developing High Precision Steel Balls, Precision Ceramic Balls, Polishing steel ball that are closer to the needs of consumers and provide consumers with better products. With many years of production experience, we have mature manufacturing technology and advanced production lines, and have created a team of employees with rich professional skills. Our company has a wide range of purchase channels, complete products, and sufficient supply to meet customer needs for various materials, properties, and specifications. Our goods you worth have.


The Solid Chrome Bearing Steel Balls are made of high-quality steel, which are refined through drawing, cutting and rounding. They are a particularly important component of bearings and are also the most used rolling elements in the bearing industry. Their quality directly affects bearings’ quality. Their promotion and use has not only promoted the development of the steel ball production industry, but also promoted the development of related industries' skills and technology. Thus, our Solid Chrome Bearing Steel Balls have the outstanding advantages of high and uniform hardness, abrasion resistance, high quality, durability, sophisticated design as well as high elastic limit. They are usually used in industries where require high precision and rust prevention performance, such as aviation, aerospace, bearings, motors, high-precision instruments, valves, petroleum, etc.



Solid chrome bearing steel balls in the various industry to meet the sophisticated application and uses a lot of the needs in the market following:

1.High-speed,low noise of the special bearings.

2.With different specifications of the ball-point pen stainless steel ball.

3.High-precision ,low noise motor bearings, household appliances bearings.

4.The general industrial and automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, bicycle manufacturing industry for supporting the steel ball bearings   and micro-electronic industry with the ball.

5.Liquid,gas use, such as ball valve.

With many years experience in making steel balls, we are dedicated to fulfill the market needs of high precision, high quality metal and non-metal balls.

Our engineering team is dedicated to solve customer requests for custom alternations or special materials selection to fit any particular application.


Production and Testing Equipments



We provide our customers with professional 11.5mm 29/64" Stainless Steel Ball Carbon Steel Ball Chrome Steel Balls G10-G1000 Solid Bearing Steel Balls for Sale with sales of high-quality products as the core competitiveness and R&D as the basis for development. We now have our individual sales group, layout team, technical team, QC crew and package group. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us at any time.
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