The Matching Problem Of Steel Ball And Ball Mill Body

- Oct 26, 2017-

First of all, the ball mill in the cement Plant, mine field, thermal power plant, chemical plant of the steel ball ratio should be based on the diameter of the ball, ore hardness, the size of the ore into the ball mill, steel ball hardness (quality), ball mill speed and other factors to determine the steel ball added column When the model of the ball mill is determined, the speed of the ball mill is fixed, and the hardness of the ore is measurable. The granularity of the ore in the ball mill is determined by the size of the sieve. Usually, the newly installed ball mill has a running-in process, in the running-in process, the steel ball quantity is added for the first time, account for 80% of the ball Mill's maximum load, the proportion of steel balls can be added according to the size of the steel ball (ф120mm, ф100mm, ф80mm, ф60mm, ф40mm). The amount of steel ball is added: Different ball mill models have different assembly balls. For example, mqg1500x3000 ball mill (processing capacity of 100-150 tons) the maximum ball load 9.5-10 tons. The first time to add steel ball (ф120mm-ф100mm) accounted for 30%--40%, medium ball 80mm accounted for 40%--30%, small ball (ф60 and ф40mm) accounted for 30%, why the ball mill running-in process only add 80%, because the ball mill installed, the size of the ball mill teeth need to mesh , is in the amount (the amount of ore) is also to gradually increase the normal continuous operation of the ball mill after two or three days, stop ball Mill Check the size of the gear meshing situation, to all normal, open the ball mill manhole lid second owed to add the remaining 20% steel balls. After the ball mill operation is normal, each class of steel ball added by 3:4:3 (ф120mm 3, ф100mm 4, ф80mm 3) added.