Steel Ball Classification

- Oct 26, 2017-

From the application of large categories, steel ball can be divided into applications crushing industry wear-resisting steel ball and application precision bearings industry on the two main ball bearing steel balls. Wear-resisting steel ball (grinding ball) is the most widely used product in industrial practice today. There is a saying: "There is industry must smash" to this very apt; bearing steel ball in the precision bearing industry and the life of the use of a long history, the use of more extensive, you can say that most of the place has a rotating steel ball exists, commonly known as ball, Ball. Steel ball is the said of steel ball, steel section and special-shaped grinding body. From the shape to divide, can be divided into positive round ball (universal narrow appellation), capsule ball, oval ball, Yin and yang Ball, hollow ball, polyhedron ball, many missing ball (on the surface of the pit on the body) and so on.