Production Technology Of Forged Steel Ball

- Oct 26, 2017-

Traditional technology: As the name suggests is forged steel ball, the use of air hammer on raw materials to forge to a certain shape variable, increase compression ratio, so that the structure of wear-resistant ball more compact, improve toughness and hardness. The traditional process needs to be in accordance with the size of the material, then use coal or natural gas to heat the material to a certain temperature, air hammer forging, heat treatment, product testing There are too many drawbacks of traditional crafts, the most important is low production efficiency, product quality control led to individual differences, serious environmental pollution, labor intensity is very large, Thermal radiation and noise radiation are serious hazards to workers ' health. Raw materials: Forged steel ball required raw materials-round steel, all from the national large-scale steel mills ordering, and can be different wear-resistant steel ball material special requirements, special processing. Raw materials Heating: We use energy-saving induction bar heating furnace heating, can ensure that the entire raw material temperature and greatly reduce the loss of raw materials, after heating the raw material uniform temperature can ensure that wear-resistant steel ball in the heat treatment process hardness uniformity. Heat treatment system: through self-developed water quenching heat treatment production line and scientific heat treatment process, can control the wear-resisting steel ball's water temperature and the outlet temperature so that the forging wear-resistant ball from the surface to the core of the higher hardness and at the same time with high toughness, crushing rate is very low, in a variety of harsh working environment to maintain the stability of the ball.