Hardened Stainless Steel Ball Classification And Manufacturing Process

- Mar 14, 2018-

Hardened stainless steel ball refers to a product obtained by hardening an ordinary stainless steel ball.


1. Hardened stainless steel ball manufacturing process

Hardened stainless steel ball is based on ordinary stainless steel ball, adding different types and quantities of strengthening elements, through precipitation hardening process, to precipitate carbides, nitrides, carbonitrides and intermetallic compounds, to improve the strength of stainless steel And maintain its original toughness.


2. Classification of hardened stainless steel balls

Hardened stainless steel balls can be classified into martensite, semi-austenite, and austenite if they are divided according to the material structure. The representatives in martensite are 0Cr17Ni7TiAl and 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb, the half austenite representatives are 0Cr17Ni7Al and 0Cr15Ni7Mo2Al, while the austenite representatives are 0Cr15Ni20Ti2MoVB and 1Cr17Ni10P.


3. The typical grade steel of Hardened stainless steel ball 


(1) 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb steel

It belongs to martensitic hardening stainless steel and has good corrosion resistance in performance and is better than ordinary martensitic stainless steel. In addition, it has good cutting performance and welding performance, so it can be directly welded without preheating, and local annealing after welding is not required.


(2) 0Cr17Ni7Al steel

It is a semi-austenite hardened stainless steel. If it is in an oxidizing acid, it has good corrosion resistance, but in non-oxidizing acids, the corrosion resistance is slightly inferior. In the welding process, the same welding process as austenitic stainless steel is used.


(3) 0Cr15Ni25Ti2MoVB steel

It belongs to austenitic stainless steel. Due to its high strength in high temperature environment, the use temperature of this hardened stainless steel ball can reach 600°C-700°C. However, it should be noted that although it has good toughness in a low-temperature environment, its performance in strength and welding performance is not ideal.