Foundry Grinding Ball Industry Standard Completion Of The Collection Will Be Released

- Oct 26, 2017-

According to reports, wear-resistant materials industry standard "building materials industry chromium alloy foundry grinding Ball" completed the collection of opinions, will be launched formal discussion. The new draft standard, compared with the original standard in normative reference documents, terminology and definitions, product classification, technical requirements, chemical composition has been revised and perfected, will effectively enhance the building materials industry chromium alloy foundry grinding ball technical content, conducive to energy saving and industrial upgrading. Wear-resistant castings are the basis of national industry, the annual consumption of nearly 2 million tons, widely used in cement building materials, thermal energy, mineral processing metallurgy, engineering machinery and other industries. Ningguo Open source wear-resistant as the industry's leading enterprise, is the national iron and steel wear-resistant Materials technology Innovation Strategy Alliance launched units, Anhui Province wear-Resistant Materials Standardization committee member units, participated in the "wear-resistant steel castings", "Foundry grinding Ball", "Foundry grinding section" and many other national standards, industry standards, the establishment of local standards drafting. The revision of the industry standards, will be able to effectively implement in the wear-resistant industry recycling economy, energy-saving emission reduction and clean production, reduce the production process of solid waste, waste water discharge, reduce the energy consumption of tons of castings.