Bicycle Bearing Steel Ball Best Material Selection

- Dec 25, 2017-

Rolling bearing is a widely used mechanical foundation, its quality directly affects the mechanical performance. Quality, high yield, low cost "design principles, to meet the ordinary bicycle bearing material performance under the premise of both economic and technological, and the use of comparative analysis of the final determination of the best material choice.


With the rapid development of science and technology, rolling bearing design and application of ideas, manufacturing standards, materials science is constantly updated and developed, the standards of rolling bearings are constantly revised and updated.


General bicycle are used in the bowl and steel balls combined bearings, does not belong to the conventional bearings, high-end bicycles are now used deep groove ball bearings, in order to adapt to its development situation, improve the quality of rolling bearings to achieve the manufacture of fine bearings Level, from the ordinary bicycle bearing design of all aspects to control its quality, including its working environment, stress analysis, failure analysis, shape and structure, as well as its related standards and technical requirements. Strive to make the design and manufacture of bicycle bearings toward high quality, clean, efficient, low consumption and safety and other aspects of development.