An Effective Method To Reduce Abrasion Loss Of Steel Ball In Ball Mill Grinding Machine

- Oct 26, 2017-

Ball Mill steel balls loss and many aspects are related, such as steel ball size, steel ball movement form, steel ball ratio, select the appropriate parameters can greatly reduce the wear of steel ball. Generally in accordance with the actual work experience, a warehouse grinding due to the size of the ore, so in the mill should be the main impact, the size of the steel ball should be increased. The grain size of the two warehouses is finer, the mineral stress should be mainly abrasive, and the steel balls should be reduced as far as possible. Furthermore, the ball load has a certain effect on the abrasion of steel ball, when other conditions are certain, the ball-loading rate increases in a certain range, which will improve the grinding effect, and the grinding effect is the best when the ball-loading rate reaches 50%. In addition, steel ball wear is also affected by the speed of the mill, with the increasing speed of grinding machine, steel ball movement from diarrhea to drop, when the speed is certain, there is a maximum diligence rate, and then the mill speed increase, will make the steel ball centrifugal movement, not to grinding effect.