Which bearings are often used in the automotive industry?

- Mar 26, 2021-

Car buyers often use the feel of the movement to measure the quality of the vehicle. Smooth motion with appropriate resistance indicates high quality, while a mechanism with too much play feels loose and of poor quality. Automakers who want to establish a reputation for "quality" should focus on the key component of each motion system: the bearing.

You will find many bearings in every car. These are sliding or rolling element designs. Sliding bearings reduce friction between materials. These are located around the crankshaft and camshaft. Elsewhere, automakers use bearings with balls or rollers that rotate to reduce friction and provide a good "feel."

Most bearings are assembled into circular "rings" that allow circular motion. Then they are assembled on the shaft and installed in the housing. Strict manufacturing control can ensure that the diameter and surface finish of the ball or roller are exactly the same, so as to achieve smooth and low-friction rotation.

Bearings are also used in linear systems, perhaps notably the seat track. While bearing high loads, they are expected to provide smooth motion. Balls and rollers can be loosely assembled into stamped or roll-formed guide rails, or they can be installed in cage components.

Common bearing applications in automobile manufacturing

Rolling bearings are used throughout modern vehicles. They are in the cabin, under the hood, in the corner. You can even find the bearing assembly used in the fuel system-the ball itself.

Luggage release mechanism

The luggage compartment lid release bearing A2 luggage compartment lid is very heavy, usually equipped with a release mechanism and balance device, so it can be opened easily. The precision-manufactured bearing in the release mechanism makes the opening action smooth and quiet, and helps to provide an excellent "hand feeling" when closing.


A good steering feel gives the vehicle a sense of texture, and the bearing plays an important role. From the nacelle to the engine room, the column needs support, and the support comes from the bearing. These ensure a smooth rotation, but *only when accurately manufactured and dimensioned for the application.

Sliding door

Minivans may be outdated, but sliding doors are used in many different vehicles, from those family transporters to various light trucks and vans. Under various loads and weather conditions, bearing assemblies must provide accurate opening and closing in thousands of operations.

Seat rail HT car seat rail bearing-HQ

In linear motion applications, bearings can ensure smooth, low-friction motion of manual and electric seats. For car manufacturers, a particular challenge is the change in stamped or roll-formed components. This can be solved by matching the diameter of the balls or rollers to the individual components used.

Gas tank check valve

Although the HT automatic gas storage tank check ball tube is not strictly for bearing applications, the check valve relies on precision-machined stainless steel balls to ensure safe and reliable operation. In normal use, the ball will not enter the fuel flow, but if the vehicle rolls over, the ball will cover the orifice to cut off the fuel and prevent fatal spills.