Wheel bearing steel ball quality standard measurement

- Sep 19, 2018-

Wheel bearing steel ball from raw material injection to product processing, requires multiple inspection and auxiliary production processes, including cold pier, light ball, heat treatment, strengthening, hard grinding, preliminary research, sorting, fine grinding. The material used for the wheel bearing steel ball is GCr15 bearing steel. On this basis, there are also better wear resistant GCr15SiMn and martensitic stainless steel balls.


The diameter of the wheel bearing steel ball is 1.2~12.7mm, the ball diameter variation is ≤25μm; the batch diameter variation is ≤50μm; the spherical error ≤25μm; the gauge value is ±150μm; at the same time, the crushing load of the wheel bearing steel ball is also measured Standard, this is an important criterion to ensure that the steel ball is not broken.


The quality standard of wheel bearing steel ball heat treatment is an important basis to ensure the steel ball has high wear resistance and high hardness. The wheel bearing steel ball is one of the key components of the bearing. It should be unhooked and not brittle when operating at high temperature. Under normal working conditions, its service life can be long. The wheel bearing steel ball will be heated and expanded after being used at high temperature. Generally, an automatic tensioning and adjusting device is designed in the transmission structure to ensure product quality.