Wheel bearing steel ball process technology needs attention

- Aug 22, 2018-

The quality of the wheel bearing steel ball finished product is inextricably linked with the steel ball production process. If the wheel bearing steel ball quality is to be controlled, it is necessary to clearly understand the problems that need to be paid attention to in the product process technology.


First of all, the wheel bearing steel ball production process needs to pay attention to the details, because the details of the process management will have a very significant impact on the quality of the steel ball. Therefore, in the steel ball production process, the time control of the process, the feed rate of the abrasive slurry Control, as well as details such as getting in and out of the ball, should be paid attention to. The more attention is paid to the details of the steel ball process tooling, the less the probability of the problem steel ball, and the quality of the finished steel ball is greatly improved.


Secondly, there are also links to consider the raw materials of the wheel bearing steel ball. Before the steel ball begins to cool down, the raw materials should be inspected and analyzed to ensure that the steel ball raw materials can be put into production on a large scale. In the process of cold rolling of the steel ball, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of the amount of the embryo. If the steel ball is found to have a large amount after cold rolling, the displacement and the abrasive tool should be improved, so as to improve the quality and processing efficiency of the cold ball embryo.


In addition, the bearing inspection of the wheel bearing steel ball can not be ignored. After the process of strict control, processing and cleaning, the steel ball needs to be subjected to the final comprehensive inspection before packaging. If the advanced steel ball testing instrument is used in the hardware, the factory report will obtain the data of authenticity and accuracy, and also the wheel bearing steel. A guarantee of the quality of the ball.