What factors will affect the precision steel ball?

- Jan 30, 2018-

Precision steel ball according to the production and processing technology is divided into grinding steel balls, forged steel balls and cast steel balls. And based on the processing of materials, precision steel balls will be divided into bearing steel balls, stainless steel balls, carbon steel balls and copper bearing balls. Among them, bearing steel ball is an important industrial part of the basic components of its alloy steel balls will be carbon, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, etc. as the main addition of metal elements.

When it comes to the impact of precision steel ball, the first point to speak,We should pay attention to its material density, such as steel balls, cast iron balls, alloy steel balls, different materials of different density, the density of the steel will be larger than the cast iron, Alloy steels vary greatly depending on the density of the major alloying elements and their contents.

Furthermore, when it comes to the impact of precision ball manufacturing methods, Rolled and forged steel ball of its dense structure, so the density, Foundry cast steel ball, cast iron ball or cast alloy ball and other organizations will be less dense, that is, there will be stomatal phenomenon, Therefore, its processing time, the density will be smaller.

Precision ball microstructure influence, Martensitic,austenitic, bainite and ferrite and other different under the crystal structure will not be the same density, For the ball itself, the crystal fineness will have a great impact.

Chemical composition of the ball will have an impact on precision steel,

Precision ball finished because of its chemical composition is including iron, carbon, chromium, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other ingredients on the different,This has a varying degree of impact on the hardness of precision steel balls and their impact wear,In general, a large amount of chromium, then the wear resistance of precision steel balls will be higher, Take note of these factors when making and buying precision steel balls.