What effect does magnesium have on bearing steel balls and structural requirements

- May 22, 2019-

At present, most of the common bearing steel balls in the market use concentrated circulation lubrication and a structure with pipeline cooling. This advantage is better when the heat is used, and it can save more lubricating oil to a certain extent. Very safe and reliable during operation. It is because of these advantages that such bearings are widely used in large ball mills. At the same time, the unique construction also determines that the bearing is easy to manufacture.

Bearing steel balls are not suitable for large mills in oil-lubricated bearings. The main reason for the operation is that the journal is small and the amount of oil in the oil ring is not enough. Finally, the bearing steel ball will be caused. A lot of friction, too hot and cause damage to the bearing. Bearings with concentrated circulation lubrication, although the investment is large, are suitable in the long-term interests. In order to compensate for the manufacturing and installation errors, the main bearing is made self-aligning. In order to prevent the bearing bush from being extruded under the journal, cylindrical pins, pressure plates and other methods are used in various existing main bearings to limit the range of movement.

What effect does magnesium have on bearing steel balls?

Trace magnesium can improve the performance of bearing steel ball. With the increase of magnesium content, its tensile strength and yield strength increase, and the plasticity remains basically unchanged. When the magnesium content increases to 0.0025%, the yield strength is higher. Value, and thereafter the yield strength decreases slightly as the magnesium content increases.

The spheroidized annealing structure of the steel ball containing magnesium bearing is uniform, and the carbide particles are fine. When the magnesium content is increased to 0.0015% or more, the carbide segregation is obviously improved, and carbide precipitation is hardly observed. www.wxjnsteelball.com