What are the technical indicators for polishing the quality of the bearing ball?

- Aug 25, 2018-

Polished bearing balls are important basic components and a particularly important component of bearings. They are also the most used rolling elements in the bearing industry. Since the quality of the polished bearing ball will directly affect the quality of the bearing, it must be taken seriously.


The technical indicators for polishing the quality of the bearing ball include the low consumption of the unit cement ball, the ball breaking rate, the smooth surface of the steel ball, and the area of the pouring riser which occupies less than the total surface area of the steel ball, which can reduce the ineffective wear of the steel ball at the pouring riser. It also helps to reduce energy consumption and increase production output.


In order to produce high-quality polished bearing balls, the leading forging process equipment is the primary premise, using the international leading water-free production process, that is, using completely dry resin sand on the metal film, completely repelled because water glass moisture may The forging problems caused by pores and slag inclusions make the product quality have a good quality; and the iron-carbon ratio is improved to meet the quenching requirements as much as possible.


On the other hand, the post-production of polished ball production, namely automatic cleaning of steel balls, automatic appearance inspection, automatic rust prevention, and counting packaging, are all important factors affecting the quality of steel balls. The appearance inspection of the polished bearing ball is indispensable or indispensable in the processing of the steel ball, and it should be carefully carried out.