What are the quality performance indicators of bearing steel balls?

- Dec 06, 2018-

Bearing steel balls are a particularly important component of the bearing structure. Precision bearing steel balls play a very important role in the economic development of the people. This is because the quality of the bearing steel balls directly affects the bearing quality.

At the same time, with the promotion and use of bearing steel balls, it not only promotes the development of the steel ball production industry, but also promotes the technological development of the relevant industries and the continuous development of science and technology. For this product, when judging its performance, it is mainly measured by the unit cement ball consumption, ball breaking rate and surface quality.

So, how to ensure the overall quality of the bearing steel ball? The first is to have leading forging process equipment and use advanced water-free production processes to improve the quality of the products. On the other hand, in the post-procedure of bearing steel ball production, namely automatic cleaning of steel balls, automatic appearance inspection, automatic rust prevention, counting and packaging, all are the key points affecting the quality of steel balls. Bearing steel ball appearance inspection is one of the indispensable processes in the processing of steel balls. The bearing steel ball appearance inspection should include the detection of surface scratches, rust, surface spots and so on.