What are the matters of attention when the ceramic ball is filled

- Dec 13, 2017-

Ceramic ball in the use of non-oxidizing atmosphere in the high-temperature sintering of precision ceramics, In use with high strength,Ceramic ball has a high abrasion resistance acid, alkali, high temperature, corrosion resistance and other advantages,Therefore, it can be used for a long time in seawater, and has the good performance of absolute magnetic isolation.Ceramic ball at 800 ℃, strength, hardness almost unchanged, the density of 3.20g / cm3, almost bearing steel 1 / 3. Weight,Centrifugal rotation is small, you can achieve high speed operation. Also self-lubricating, it can be used in non-lubricated media, high-pollution environment.It is the first choice of ceramic bearing and mixed ceramic ball bearing.

Ceramic ball filling considerations what?

Ceramic Balls (Inert Porcelain Balls, Open Porcelain Balls, Fireproof Porcelain Balls, Porous Porcelain Balls) Precautions for Loading

Preparation: first tower debris all cleared,In the tower wall by the ceramic ball and the top of the catalyst layer draw the horizon,Mark as pavement height.Carefully check the different size ceramic balls, according to the product packaging on behalf of the particle size, respectively, stitches for storage.Ceramic balls are generally paved.

When paving the lowest layer of ceramic balls, care should be taken to avoid damaging other systems in the tower.To be loaded porcelain ball should be hoisted to the tower, then spreading;When the porcelain ball shop to the top of the level of the line on the line, shop shovel evenly,Paving personnel should not stand directly on the supporting material or walking, but should stand on the board.Operators operating the tower should be minimal, so as not to cause the movement of the ceramic ball.After the next layer of pavement is completed, in order to pavement a layer of catalyst or ceramic ball.The thickness of each layer of porcelain ball should be accurate, uniform,Scrape the surface with a spade or scraper, the height should be paved with the level mark pavement height.


Silicon carbide ceramic ball product performance is stable, with the best performance of silicon nitride.Compared with steel, the quality of light steel, small friction coefficient, good sports performance,Elastic modulus is 50% greater than steel, thermal expansion coefficient is less than 25% of steel,High temperature at 1000 ℃ before to maintain high strength and hardness, corrosion resistance, no rust, no magnetism,Can work in oil-free conditions.