Types of grinding balls and preparation technical standards

- Dec 12, 2017-

Grinding steel ball is a kind of ball. From a professional point of view, it is used to grind mill material a ball, Therefore, its main role is to grind. In addition, we can also know that as long as the grinding operation can be called abrasive ball.


1. attribute categories and specific types

Through the above we can see that all steel ball grinding operations, can be called grinding steel ball, so it can be further classified. For example, wear-resistant and non-wear-resistant steel ball, which can be called abrasive ball. In addition, casting steel balls, forged steel balls, rolled steel balls and bearings, etc. These can also be divided into grinding ball in this broad category.


2. Application areas

Grinding ball application is also very extensive, mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, thermal power generation, magnetic materials, chemicals and other industries. In addition, it can also be used in  materials such as ultra-fine powder, fly ash, calcium carbonate and quartz sand.


3. Used tools and preparation methods

Grinding steel ball in the manufacturing process will be used in the tool is IF electric furnace, in addition, there are some other tools. The material used to grind the ball is a round bar. Grinding ball in the preparation, the general is to use intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting, casting mold made of metal or sand, it can be called a low-chromium alloy cast ball.


4. technical standards

Grinding ball on whether the judgment of wear-resistant, mainly for hardness testing, Therefore, Rockwell hardness can be used. And, through experimentation and practice, we can see that HRC60 and above materials are better in service life than HRC 40-50 materials.


In addition, the low-chromium steel ball, there is a certain standard and requirements, specifically speaking, the chromium content should not exceed 3%, carbon content should be controlled between 1.8% -3.3%. In addition, its hardness, must be more than 45, otherwise, is not qualified products, can not be used.