The working principle and simple classification of bicycle steel balls

- Aug 09, 2018-

Everyone should have been riding a bicycle. Do you know the steel balls for bicycles in the wheels? Generally, the bearings of bicycles are 6200, 6201, 6202, 6000, 6002, so the number of steel balls for bicycles is generally 7-9, which can make the bicycle run normally.


The principle of the steel ball for bicycle is very simple, because the object is easier to slide than the sliding because the friction between the two objects produces friction and the sliding speed is slowed down as the object slides. But if the surfaces of the two objects can roll against each other, the friction will be greatly reduced.


The steel ball for bicycle can be simply divided into the Palin bearing and the bead bearing. The Palin shaft is actually a kind of shaft which adopts the industrial deep groove ball bearing assembly as the rolling bearing. It is characterized by the replacement of the bearing when it is damaged. Become repaired.


The bead gears are made up of bowls, shafts and intermediate steel balls for bicycles. Together with the hub, they form a large bearing. Since the balls for bicycles do not need to be used like industrial bearings, they are the same size. The bead gear structure bearing can accommodate more bicycle steel balls; and each steel ball has a large contact area and can withstand greater pressure.