The use of stainless steel ball characteristics and the impact of ball mill

- Nov 08, 2017-

Stainless steel ball during the production process of its surface is very smooth and uniform hardness, so that it will to some extent effectively ensure that its products in the grinding process will not appear the case of its loss of round, stainless steel ball with forging heat Rolling forging molding, the production of technology, the surface without defects, no deformation, wear resistance is relatively high.

Stainless steel ball in the production of raw materials because there will be specific, so in the production process is impossible to cut corners, so the stability of stainless steel ball is relatively high.

Stainless steel ball use advantages and features:

1. Stainless steel ball inside the close, during the production process is mainly forged directly from the round bar made in the production of its internal density and high precision, enhanced wear-resistant steel ball anti-drop Sexual and impact toughness, thereby reducing the ball's crushing rate; ball consumption can be reduced.

2, under normal circumstances, forged steel ball has the advantages of high hardness: surface hardness reached 55 ~ 65HRC, the volume hardness reached 50 ~ 63HRC;

3. High impact toughness: impact toughness is generally higher than 15J / cm2, falling ball impact fatigue life is greater than 2200.



Stainless steel ball Ball diameter of the ball mill impact:

In the process of running when the mill speed and filling rate of a certain time, the stainless steel ball steel movement of a certain time, the size of the steel ball to a certain extent, will seriously affect the particle size characteristics of grinding products, Resolution and consumption indicators, etc.,

1. Affect the size of mill productivity, when the ball diameter is too large, the number of hits will reduce the productivity. When the ball diameter is too small, the productivity will drop because of the lack of striking force. Accurate ball diameter grinding mill productivity can be greatly improved.

2. Affect the uniformity of the particle size distribution of the grinding product. Too much ball diameter to make the number of strikes and lead to a small amount of coarse grinding level is not too large, too much blow and hit the crush more. Therefore, too large balls under the uneven size of the product, too coarse and too crushed were more negative on the sorting.