The use and features of 440 stainless steel ball

- Jan 06, 2018-

440 stainless steel ball has good performance and higher hardness, The hardness usually between 56 to 58 degrees. In addition, it also has a certain magnetic, corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance and good toughness. Below we simply introduce the application of 440 stainless steel ball .


First of 440 stainless steel ball use, combined with the actual application of view, the current steel ball product is mainly used for processing production,such as all kinds of bearings, stamping / hydraulic parts, valves, seals, refrigeration equipment, aerospace precision mechanical parts, handicrafts and toys, etc.


Second, in different applications, 440 stainless steel ball size is different, mainly from 0.5 mm to 100 mm.


Third, about 440 stainless steel ball applications, the product is generally used for a variety of industries that require high precision and anti-rust performance, such as aerospace, aerospace, bearings, motors, precision instruments, valves and oil fields.


Fourth, 440 stainless steel ball characteristics analysis: From the structure of the material to analyze, it belongs to a martensitic steel, the actual processing requirements for the production process is higher, the domestic production of stainless steel 440C enterprises is less. Especially in the heat treatment process, the process is more complex, a little improper cracking may occur. And for high precision, the ball belongs to a stainless steel ball, HRC 58.


Compared to other material types of stainless steel ball, 440 stainless steel ball has a strong anti-rust ability and anti-corrosion ability, and higher hardness, high wear resistance. In addition, 440 stainless steel ball in the hardness closer to bearing steel ball.