The specific influence of magnesium on bearing steel balls

- Jan 05, 2019-

Magnesium is widely distributed in nature and is the eighth richest element in the earth's crust. In addition to being an essential element of the human body, it can also be used in bearing steel balls. As for the effect of magnesium on bearing steel balls, we passed a series of experiments.

The experimental conclusion is that the magnesium content can affect the mechanical properties of the bearing steel ball. The micro-magnesium can improve the performance of the bearing steel ball. With the increase of magnesium content, the tensile strength and yield strength are improved, and the plasticity is basically maintained. When the magnesium content is increased to 0.0025%, the yield strength has a higher value, and thereafter the yield strength decreases slightly as the magnesium content increases.

The effect of magnesium on the spheroidized annealing structure and carbide of bearing steel ball, the spheroidizing annealing structure of the bearing ball containing magnesium is uniform, and the carbide particles are fine. When the magnesium content increases to 0.0015% or more, the carbide segregation is obviously improved. There is almost no carbide liquefaction. That is to say, adding a little magnesium to the bearing steel ball is still very helpful for the bearing steel ball, and if it is added too much, it will have side effects.