The principle of polishing steel ball and its function change method

- Nov 18, 2017-

The principle of polishing steel ball, first of all, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to the embryo must be carried out, which means using different types of process to produce different types of spherical blank. Then, the next step in polishing the ball is to pay attention to the coarse grinding: put the ball into the blank and to match the size of the blank and the upper and lower two with the same size and the same concentric ring cross-section is triangular Grinding mill grinding disc which, adding oil or coarse abrasive.


Then, on the rough grinding of polished steel ball, on its principle, the disc is rotated, the lower disc does not move. The above ball mill is also known as coarse mill. In fact, when processing, we actually will according to the need, in terms of rough grinding, it actually can have a lot of Tao. The next step is to clean and clean the oil that sticks to the surface of the ball and its coarse abrasive residue after each roughing.


Polishing steel ball after the rough grinding, that is, to fine grinding, to complete the coarse grinding rough directly into the fine mill which; followed, that is, will join a series of low viscosity oil and fine abrasive, grinding To the standard size; the last step is actually to pay attention to polishing, its process and coarse grinding and fine grinding similar.


To understand the primary method of improving the appearance of polished steel balls, we actually pay attention to the appearance of the stainless steel ball that will affect the service life directly. In order to precision machinery steel ball, we actually should pay attention to improve the ball Its own contact fatigue strength and the appearance of quality.


To improve the appearance of polished steel ball, first of all, that is, it will include a functional coating: including electroless plating, plating and composite plating, brush plating, as well as amorphization treatment. Next, to improve the appearance of polished steel ball, there is a high energy beam treatment, including the laser surface treatment and the appearance of electron beam modification, the more common is the injection skills.