The main treatment methods for improving the surface properties of stainless steel balls

- Dec 02, 2017-

Stainless steel ball production requires attention to process details. The details of the process management have a great influence on the quality of the steel ball. Therefore, in the production process of steel balls, attention should be paid to the time management and control of the technological process, the feed speed control of abrasive fluids, and the entry and exit balls. The more attention is attached to the details of the stainless steel ball process tooling, the less the probability of the problem of the steel ball, the quality of the finished steel ball has been greatly improved.

In the process of producing the stainless steel ball, the link of the raw material of the steel ball must be considered. Before the steel ball began to cold heading, the raw material should be tested and analyzed to ensure the raw material of the steel ball to be put into production in a large scale. In the process of cold heading of steel ball, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of the retention of the ball. If the steel ball is found to remain large after cold heading, the displacement and grinding tools should be improved so as to improve the quality of the cold heading ball and the processing efficiency.

Test link of stainless steel ball product. After strict control, processing and cleaning process, the steel ball needs final comprehensive inspection before packing. If the advanced steel ball testing instrument is used in hardware, the authenticity and accuracy data obtained from the factory report is also a guarantee for the quality of the steel ball.

The main treatment methods for improving the surface properties of stainless steel balls

In order to make better use of the ball, the ball bearing to improve the external parts of die casting stainless steel ball in the process of using steel ball and prolong the fatigue crack initiation life, we can deal with different ways of steel ball surface, which is mainly reflected in the following several surface treatment process.

1. metal material surface guide stainless steel ball, including electroless plating, electroplating, composite plating, brush plating and amorphous treatment.

2. metal materials includes laser surface treatment, the surface modification of the stainless steel ball beam of the electronic powder pump and the technique of example injection.

3. metal materials, including physical and chemical vapor deposition.

4. metal materials, including carburizing. Chemical heat treatment, such as nitriding and carbonitriding.

5. surface quenching: such as high frequency surface quenching, flame surface quenching, etc.

6. cold hardening treatment: such as shot peening, rolling, cold pressure cold rail and other processes.