The main role of precision steel ball and rolling process

- Jun 05, 2019-

Precision steel balls are the basic components, especially the precision industrial steel balls play a huge role in the development of the national economy. Under special conditions, steel balls of special materials are often required to perform the functions required in different environments. In fact, some special materials precision steel balls have been widely used in various fields of the national economy.


Precision steel balls are an integral part of bearings and are also used in the bearing industry. Its quality directly affects the quality of the bearing. The post-process of steel ball production, namely automatic cleaning of steel balls, automatic appearance inspection, automatic rust prevention, counting and packaging, are the key factors affecting the quality of steel balls. The appearance inspection of steel balls is an indispensable process in the processing of steel balls. The appearance inspection of steel balls mainly includes the detection of surface scratches, rust, surface spots and the like.


Hot rolling is a new rolling technology of precision steel balls. It has precise dimensions, rounded geometry, high hardness and good mechanical properties, and has excellent quality of wear resistance, no deformation and no cracking. It is a technological breakthrough in the precision steel ball manufacturing