The main form and working condition of solid bearing steel ball

- Jul 01, 2019-

Solid bearing steel ball contact fatigue damage is the main form of normal bearing damage. When the rolling bearing is running, the rolling elements roll between the raceways of the bearing and the outer ring, and the contact part is subjected to periodic alternating load, and many of them can reach hundreds of thousands of times per minute. Under the repeated action of periodic alternating stress, the contact surface Fatigue peeling occurs. When the rolling bearing begins to peel off, it will cause the bearing to vibrate and the noise will increase. The working temperature will rise sharply, causing the bearing to be damaged. This form of damage is called contact fatigue damage. Therefore, steel for rolling bearings is required to have high contact fatigue strength.

When the solid bearing steel ball is working, since the contact area between the rolling element and the ferrule raceway is small, the contact pressure of the contact surface is large when the bearing is subjected to a load, especially under a large load. In order to prevent excessive plastic deformation under high contact stress, bearing accuracy is lost or surface cracking occurs, it is required that the bearing steel should have a high elastic