The importance of steel ball accuracy in flow control valves

- Mar 18, 2021-

The application of flow control valves in various industries is becoming more and more important. However, in order for them to work properly, they must be fitted with a ball with very small tolerances. The accuracy of the ball is a key factor affecting the function and life of the flow control valve. In this article, we will introduce some important reasons why it is important to use accurately manufactured balls in flow control valves. Fine-tuning hydraulic systems In hydraulic applications, the flow rate difference is small. This is especially true for hydraulic presses that require high-precision motion, as is the case in many robotic applications. In order to precisely control the flow of hydraulic oil, flow control valves are the ideal solution. These valves can fine-tune the forward and reverse flow to precise specifications. However, in hydraulic applications, the accuracy of the flow control valve can control the flow is as good as the precision ball equipped with the valve. The precision ball enables the flow control valve to always accurately generate the right amount of flow, so that the hydraulic press can perform tasks that require high precision. Elimination of leakage and pressure loss Leakage and corresponding pressure loss are the enemy of effective flow control valves. Many flow control valves rely on pressure sensors to determine when to increase or decrease the allowable flow. However, a low-precision ball that is not properly placed in the valve can cause pressure loss, which can interrupt the process and cause inconsistent flow rates. Similarly, leaks can also cause the flow to exceed the actual flow required, resulting in inconsistent flow. If the flow control valve cannot accurately control the allowable flow, then their entire use will be impaired. Therefore, when designing the flow control valve, the accuracy of the ball becomes a highly important factor for proper use. Extend valve life This is a standard truth in machine design: accuracy equals life. Parts assembled together within precise tolerances not only perform better, but are also more resistant to wear. The same goes for the ball in the flow control valve. The produced ball is within a precise tolerance range, which can leave some room for you to swing. With the passage of time, as the flow control valve wears, there is no doubt that the positioning accuracy of the ball in the valve will be affected. If the ball is not properly seated in the valve from the beginning, this deterioration will be more pronounced. However, if the ball is made within a precise tolerance first, it will extend the time before the valve no longer functions. Equip your flow control valve with a precision ball If you want to build a flow control valve, you simply cannot equip the valve with a low precision ball.