The geometric accuracy of the solid bearing ball has an effect on the vibration value of the steel ball

- Apr 17, 2018-

The geometric accuracy of a solid bearing ball is also called spherical accuracy, which includes the waviness of the ball surface, the roundness of the rib, and the variation in the batch diameter.

Surface waviness on solid bearing steel balls:

Speaking of the ball surface waviness reflects the fluctuation of the surface of the ball in the microscopic wave peaks and valleys, fluctuations are too large, this time will also make the ball spherical precision worse, in the macro directly reflected that is steel The single vibration of the ball increases, and the rise of the vibration of the steel ball will directly cause the overall vibration and noise of the bearing to increase. According to tests, with the different specifications, the single-piece vibration value of the sleeved bearing increases by 1 dB, and the vibration and noise of the bearing after the sleeve joint increase by 1 to 5 dB correspondingly.

The roundness of the ribs on a solid bearing ball:

The roundness of a solid bearing ball will also be called out of roundness, and the written name will also be called spherical error. With respect to steel balls with large roundness, the vibration value of the bearing is high, and after that, the vibration noise of the bearing after final assembly will appear much higher.

Batch diameter variation on solid bearing balls:

The batch diameter variation of solid bearing steel ball refers to the steel balls in the same batch. When the ball is actually used, it will directly participate in the difference in the number of grinding cycles. difference.

After the solid bearing steel ball is designed, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniform distribution of the steel balls in the bearing raceway, and the periodic load is accompanied by the high-speed rotation of the inner sleeve. Of course, if each of the raceways is at this time There is even a slight difference in the diameter between the pellets. It is inevitable that there will be obvious vibrations between the inner and outer parts of the bearing. In this respect, we will feel the feeling of bearing vibration when we feel it.