The difference between steel ball installation in two-way bearing and one-way bearing

- Feb 10, 2021-

The two-way thrust ball bearing includes a shaft washer, two races and two steel ball-cage assemblies. The bearing is separable, and each part can be installed independently. Two-way bearings and one-way bearings use the same shaft washer, seat washer and steel ball-cage assembly.

One-way thrust bearing is usually composed of a row of steel balls (with a cage), a shaft ring (tightly fit with the shaft) and a seat ring, and its seat ring has a clearance with the shaft but is tightly fitted with the bearing seat hole , And its steel ball rotates between the shaft ring and the seat ring. Mainly, it can only bear axial load in one direction, and it cannot bear radial load at all. And because the axial load is evenly distributed on each steel ball, the load capacity of the one-way flat-bottom thrust ball bearing is quite large; but because the temperature rise will be relatively large during operation, it The allowable limit speed is not high.