The composition and advantages of the mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster

- Nov 17, 2018-

As a new type of propulsion device, the mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster is widely used and can effectively improve the maneuverability of the ship. The hydraulic servo unit includes servo control box, hydraulic servo pump station, rudder and rudder angle feedback device, servo cylinder and other components.

In the process of using the mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster, the hydraulic system supplies servo oil pressure, changes the rudder angle of the fixed pitch propeller under the action of the control unit, adjusts the vertical position of the propeller, and ensures that the propulsion device is well sealed. The hydraulic system mainly includes three parts: the steering hydraulic unit, the lifting hydraulic unit and the safety hook hydraulic unit, which respectively change the steering angle, lift and lower the propulsion device, and take off the safety hook when the propulsion device descends.

In general, the main advantages of this type of mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster in practical applications are: ensuring the propulsion efficiency of the whole ship, and improving the operational performance of the ship, making the entire telescopic movement more stable and ensuring the safety of use. .