The centrifugal effect of the bearing ball and operational advantages

- Nov 09, 2017-

Bearing ball in operation during its internal clearance size, to a certain extent, its vibration, noise, fatigue life and temperature rise and other bearing performance is very large, so in the process of bearing ball selection process for Bearings that determine the size of the structure are an important research project.

Bearing ball in operation in order to obtain a stable test value, the bearing will be given in the use of the test load, and then test the clearance, so the measured clearance value at run time, a large theoretical clearance that is more than a factor The amount of elastic deformation induced by the test load.

Bearing Ball Advantage:

1 in the general work, the bearing ball friction coefficient is small, in the process of using the friction coefficient will not change with the changes in the use of more stable, starting, running torque is small, the power loss is small ,efficient.

2. Bearing ball radial clearance is small, in the use of the axial preload can be eliminated, so the product in the use of its operating accuracy is relatively high.

3. The axial width of the bearing ball is small, and some bearings bear both radial and axial composite load, compact structure, simple combination.

4. Rolling bearings are standardized components, the entire product of a high degree of standardization, production batch production, so the production of low cost.


Bearing ball bearings with the cooperation:

In the run-time machine bearings are generally in the inner ring for the interference fit, the gap with the outer ring. The interference fit of the inner ring and the shaft changes the radial dimension, resulting in an increase of the pre-tightening force.

Bearing ball centrifugal effect:

When the bearing is running at high speed, the inner channel will expand due to the centrifugal effect. The bearing ball will cause the radial clearance of the bearing to change and increase the preload.