The advantages of stainless steel ball and application areas

- Feb 08, 2018-

Stainless steel ball in the process of using its main feature is non-magnetic, when used in the light will be after its ball will be magnetic, can be demagnetized, HRC ≤ 26. Has a good anti-rust, anti-corrosion properties. Stainless steel ball has a strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, easy welding, polishing excellent, more suitable for the surface of the higher requirements of the industry.

Stainless steel ball is widely used in the field, such products are mainly used in medical equipment, food machinery, cosmetics accessories, body jewelry, instrumentation, bearings, equipment, bottles, refrigerators, air conditioners, herbs, auto parts and other fields .

Stainless steel ball reflects the advantages

1. Hardness moderate, strong toughness, impact resistance, can be used repeatedly for several times, long life, good rebound, strong adhesion, fast cleaning sand consumption is low, not broken, clean the workpiece brightness, technical effect is good, Product processing of metal surface cleanliness up to international standards.

2. The surface roughness of 25-100um, thereby increasing the contact surface of the metal surface and improve the adhesion of the surface smear, the metal surface refinement of the metal structure, with significant economic benefits, is the most advanced at home and abroad, Ideal for cleaning blasting, rusting and strengthening of premium materials.

The main purpose of stainless steel ball heat treatment is to be able to remove its magnetic force, mainly because the ball in the process of cold heading or grinding ball will produce work magnetic, microstructure from austenite to martensite slowly change, Corrosion will be worse, so by way of heat treatment can be removed on the one hand the magnetic, on the other hand can be transformed into the original austenite, the correct way of heat treatment, the furnace temperature rose to 850 degrees, the stainless steel ball insulation is usually 1 -2 hours, and then quickly poured into cold water cooling, so that usually can remove the magnetism