Technical development of wheel bearing steel balls

- Dec 20, 2018-

After years of research and hard work, the production technology of wheel bearing steel balls has made great progress. As long as the operation is carried out according to a certain specification, the ball spherical error, the spherical diameter variation, and the surface roughness Ra obtained under the current state of the art can obtain satisfactory results.

At the same time, with the strict requirements of the application, the dynamic performance of the wheel bearing steel ball is clearly improved, that is, low noise. To some extent, noise and noise are more important than reliability life. With the advent of the non-sound bearing, higher requirements are placed on the surface of the steel ball, not only to solve the leakage of the defective ball, but also to solve various flaws on the surface of the steel ball.

In general, the quality of the wheel bearing steel ball must reach the modern advanced physical quality level. In addition to accuracy, roughness, surface quality and dynamic performance, reliability and longevity are two important indicators. The eddy current testing technology has been successfully used in the manufacture of steel balls, which plays a vital role in the reliability of steel balls.