Talking about the broken ball rate of steel balls

- Oct 06, 2020-

What is the ball breaking rate of steel balls? The steel ball will be broken due to various factors during production and use. The ratio of the number of broken steel balls to the total number of steel balls is the rate of broken balls. The ball breaking rate of the steel ball is a factor that reflects the quality of the modified steel ball, so when you choose the steel ball, you need to pay attention to this parameter.

The crushing rate of steel balls depends on their own hardness under the same production and application conditions. When the hardness of the steel ball is higher, its toughness decreases and the brittleness increases accordingly. Especially when the heat treatment is not good, the internal residual stress is greater and the steel ball bursts. The cracked steel ball not only does not have a good grinding effect, but also increases the wear on other steel balls. Therefore, excellent casting manufacturers should carry out impact testing of the AK value to ensure that the value is above 5%-7%, which is another important indicator for testing the quality of steel balls. At the same time, a metallurgical microscope should be used to detect the number of grains per square millimeter of 70-80,000. The more and more uniform the number of grains, the higher the toughness of the material. Only through these inspections can it be ensured that the ball breaking rate after use of the steel ball is not greater than 1%.

The ball breaking rate is also related to the storage and use conditions of the user's steel balls:


⑴  Steel balls should not be stacked in the open, exposed to the sun and rain, and the ambient temperature should not change drastically.


⑵ Appropriate materials should be fed into the mill before starting the mill, and do not over-grind before stopping the mill.


⑶   Pay attention to reasonable ball allocation during operation, maintain a certain high material-to-ball ratio, and reasonably control the filling rate of materials and steel balls in the mill. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid the operation method of excessively reducing the feeding in order to reduce the fineness of the product.


⑷ Do not mix steel balls of different quality and brands.