Steel ball production process need to pay attention to what matters?

- Nov 11, 2017-

Steel Ball in the production process of the finished product quality and product manufacturing process are inextricably linked, in the production of its ball quality to a certain extent, need to be controlled, so in the production process must understand its technology  need to pay attention to the problem.

Ball production process of note:

1. The ball in the production process needs to pay attention to the details of the part of its process management on the quality of the ball will have a great impact, so the ball in the production process, the time control process, abrasive Fluid feed speed control, as well as access to the ball and other details have to be paid attention.

2. The more emphasis on the details of the steel ball tooling, the less the probability of problems with the ball, the quality of the finished steel ball will be greatly improved, in the production process also need to effectively consider the product of the raw materials link, steel Before the cold heading of the ball, the raw material should be inspected and analyzed to ensure that the raw material of the ball can be put into mass production.


3. Steel ball in the process of cold heading, the need to effectively note that the ball embryo retention problems, if found in the process of production of steel balls after cold heading large reserves, should be improved displacement and abrasive tools, so as to Improve the quality of cold heading ball and processing efficiency.

4. During the production process, the steel ball also needs to pay attention to the testing of finished steel balls. When it is in use, it needs to undergo strict control. After cleaning and processing, the steel ball needs to be finished before packaging Integrated testing, if the hardware using advanced ball testing equipment, factory reports to be authentic and accurate data, but also a guarantee of ball quality.