Stainless steel ball tempering requirements of the low temperature and the production of post-processing

- Dec 15, 2017-

Stainless steel ball is very common in our daily life, the product needs to be tempered during the production process, so here to tell you about stainless steel ball tempering knowledge.

1. Stainless steel ball of carbon steel tempering properties of hardened steel after tempering the mechanical properties, often measured by hardness.In the case of not completely quenched, along the workpiece steel ball hardness is not the same as the follow-tempering temperature and tempering the progress of the moment of extension and gradually reduced.The tempering properties of alloy steel are similar to those of carbon steel. However, the second hardening of the scene is not the same steel, it can not simply use the M parameters to characterize the degree of tempering.

2. Stainless steel ball tempering, also known as "stress relief tempering".Tempering temperature scale of 150-250 degrees Celsius, after tempering the arrangement of tempered martensite.Steel has high hardness and high wear resistance, but the internal stress and brittleness decline. Carburized and surface hardened parts, tempering the hardness is usually 58-64HRC.

3. Stainless steel ball tempering time should include the workpiece cross-section to reach the tempering temperature uniform heating time required, And press M parameters to reach the tempering hardness of the end of the arrangement to change the required time,If you think about the elimination of internal stress, you should still consider different tempering temperature stress relaxation time required.

Stainless steel ball to stress relaxation at low temperature tempering moment should be longer than the data listed in the table, long up to dozens of hours.For the secondary hardening high alloy steel, the tempering moment should be based on the process of carbide change experimentally concluded. When rich in more retained austenite, by secondary quenching, you should also determine the number of tempering.

After the ball production of stainless steel ball production process after the ball that is automatically cleaned, automatic appearance of the test (automatically remove substandard products), automatic rust, count packaging, are the key to the quality of the ball.


Steel ball appearance inspection is an indispensable process in steel ball processing. Steel ball test mainly include surface scratches, rust, surface spots and other aspects of testing. Ball production process: stamping, light grinding, quenching, hard grinding, appearance, lapping, cleaning, rust-proof, finished packaging.