Stainless steel ball craft details and management requirements

- Nov 28, 2017-

Austenitic stainless steel ball heat treatment is intended to remove the magnetic force, because the ball in the process of cold heading or grinding will produce work magnetic, microstructure from austenite to martensite slowly change, so by The way of heat treatment can remove the magnetism on the one hand, on the other hand, it can also be transformed into the original austenite, the correct heat treatment, electric furnace temperature increased to 850 degrees, stainless steel ball insulation usually 1-2 hours, then pour cold water In the rapid cooling, so usually can remove the magnetism.

The purpose of martensitic stainless steel ball heat treatment is to increase the hardness, so as to enhance the wear resistance of stainless steel ball and prolong the life of the workpiece. Because these stainless steel balls belong to high-carbon and high-chromium, the two elements are a contradictory body. Carbon content and chromium content is too high, so easily lead to uneven distribution of chromium, thereby affecting the stainless steel rust resistance.

To some extent, the quality of the stainless steel ball finished product has an inextricable link with the production process of the steel ball to a certain extent. The quality of the steel ball needs to be controlled to a certain extent during the production process. During the operation must understand its technology needs attention.

The production process of stainless steel ball to a certain extent, need to pay attention to detail, the details of its process management to a certain extent, have an impact on the quality of the ball, therefore, in the ball production process, the process of time control, abrasive fluid Feed rate control, as well as access to the ball and other details should be paid attention. The more emphasis on the details of the steel process tooling, the less likely the problem of the ball, the quality of finished steel will also be greatly improved.

Stainless steel ball also need to pay attention to the effective testing of its finished steel ball, the use of which will be effective after its tight control, processing and cleaning process, the ball in the packaging before its final comprehensive test.