Solid steel ball wear, how to avoid when in use?

- Feb 23, 2018-

Speaking of solid steel ball wear,  it is because of the mechanical action caused by the gradual loss of material on the surface of the object. Speaking of its wear and tear failure, because the product after wearing the product caused by the loss of due function. Solid ball wear accounts for more than 50% of the total wear loss.


Analysis of the wear mechanism of solid steel ball, pay attention to consider the external environment conditions of the wear of the ball and the inherent characteristics of the steel ball. External environmental conditions of steel ball wear include hardness, strength and speed, angle and temperature, humidity and particle size and other aspects.


First of all, the solid steel ball from the hardness of the impact is more important; its strength, refers to the material on the abrasive pressure. As the wear pressure increases, the amount of wear increases. As the pressure increases, the penetration of abrasive into the solid steel ball increases and the energy of cutting deformation increases.


Speaking of the impact on its wear is also very large. Impact angle for brittle materials and ductile materials, the impact is not the same. At vertical impact conditions approaching 90 °, the amount of wear reached a maximum, indicating that brittle materials are not suitable for use under high angle erosion conditions.


It is precisely because of the above conditions for the solid ball wear phenomenon, the use of solid steel ball when it is for its environment which contains the hardness and strength, as well as its impact on the angle, we should pay attention to the anti-use , Try to use the solid steel ball under the small force and pressure less than 90 ° angle to avoid the wear and prolong the service life.