Simple production process for bearing steel balls

- Aug 17, 2018-

The production process of bearing steel ball is relatively simple, and the whole process must be experienced by ball blanking, de-ringing, rough grinding, soft grinding, heat treatment, ball forming, light ball, hard grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, super fine grinding, etc. A series of processes. First, the wire is stretched to the required wire diameter by a wire drawing machine; the drawn wire is placed in a steel ball cold heading machine, and the steel mold in the machine is beaten into a ball embryo.


The two cast iron grinding balls in the ball machine pressurize the cold ball embryo to remove the outer ring and the two poles on the ball embryo; and the two cast iron grinding balls in the soft ball machine will light the ball The ball blasting causes the ball embryo to be ground to the desired ball diameter and surface roughness; thus the bearing steel ball is basically formed.


Followed by the bearing steel ball into the heat treatment furnace for carburizing, quenching and then tempering to make the ball have a certain carburizing layer and hardness, toughness and crushing load; the grinding wheel in the grinding machine will heat treat the ball embryo Pressure grinding to remove the black oxide layer on the surface of the ball and correct the accuracy of the ball.


Then grind the ball embryo in the lapping machine to make the ball reach the precision and smoothness required by the finished product; polishing and cleaning: pour the ball into the polishing drum and rotate it with the polishing cleaning agent to clean the surface of the ball; Check the surface of the steel ball for any defects, and measure the roundness with a micrometer. The variation of the batch diameter and the surface roughness measured by the surface roughness meter are used as the final inspection.