Selection principle of solid bearing steel ball material

- Jun 10, 2019-

When designing and manufacturing solid bearing steel balls, the materials are generally selected according to the following principles. Solid bearing steel ball working at room temperature, using chrome bearing steel. Chromium bearing steels are also used at operating temperatures above 150 ° C and below 250 ° C, subject to special heat treatment.


Solid bearing steel balls subjected to strong impact loads generally do not use chrome bearing steel, and most of them use high-quality carburized structural steel, impact-resistant tool steel or quenched and tempered structural steel. Solid bearing steel balls used in corrosive media must be made of corrosion resistant steel or alloy steel with good corrosion resistance.


The fatigue life and reliability of solid bearing steel balls depend to some extent on the purity and uniformity of the steel. In addition, in the selection of steel grades should also consider the processing properties of steel, supply of goods and domestic