Rust-proof stainless steel ball origin and anti-rust treatment and hollow ball production

- Mar 13, 2018-

Stainless steel balll, if it has excellent performance in anti-rust performance, then, you can call it rust-proof stainless steel ball. Since it is a stainless steel ball, and, in some occasions or areas can be used, the following, may wish to make a good understanding to understand, so that we can achieve the correct use of rust-proof stainless steel ball and rational use, and then get good using results.


1. Rust-proof stainless steel ball origin

Rust-proof stainless steel balls are produced as follows: Stainless steel itself is very rust and corrosion resistant, however, when used in certain environments, such as strong acid environments, salt spray tests, and poor quality machined Cutting fluid, rust or corrosion. Therefore, rust-proofing of stainless steel is required so that the product does not rust and corrode in these environments.


2. rust-proof stainless steel ball rust treatment

Stainless steel, its more common is austenitic 304 and 316, and, also joined the corrosion resistance of nickel, to improve its anti-rust properties. However, in some harsh environments, it will still rust and corrode. Therefore, it can be passivated to chromium-based passivation, so that it can be used in some harsh environments. This kind of stainless steel ball, called rust-proof stainless steel ball.


3. rust-proof stainless steel ball rust-related factors and grades available

Rust-proof stainless steel ball, the rust-related factors, is the nickel content of stainless steel, in general, the higher the nickel content of stainless steel ball rust better. In the stainless steel grades, if it is ordinary stainless steel balls, there are 201,302,304,316,316 L, 420 and 440C and so on, but in the rust-proof stainless steel ball, it is mainly for 304 and 316 these two.


4. Rust-proof stainless steel ball and the relationship between gravity and hollow ball production

Rust-proof stainless steel ball between gravity and quality, there is a certain relationship, because of its quality, through some formula, you can get the weight of the stainless steel ball, and its formula is the mass × 9.8 = gravity. Hollow rust-proof stainless steel ball production, is very simple, just poured into the hollow stainless steel melt after the mold, and then, you can get rust-proof stainless steel hollow ball.