Roundness measurement and hardness control of precision steel balls

- Jan 30, 2019-

We all know that the roundness of a qualified precision steel ball surface is specified. The roundness, precision and roughness of the steel ball are the main performance indicators for measuring the precision steel ball produced by the steel ball factory. Roundness refers to the extent to which the cross section of a precision steel ball is close to the theoretical circle. When a steel ball factory produces a precision steel ball, the roundness of the precision steel ball is measured by a roundness meter.

There are currently four commonly used methods for assessing roundness errors. Among them, the least squares is widely used because of its simple operation. However, with the help of the development and progress of modern science, precision instruments and scientific calculation methods make the roundness calculation of precision steel balls not much different from the actual value.

In addition, we all know that precision steel balls are very hard, but not as hard as possible. When the hardness is too high, it will have a serious impact on its use. Experiments have shown that precision steel balls have an optimum hardness problem for all types of programs. Therefore, according to this statement, the best values of various hardnesses are different.