Production process and wear resistance of GCr15 stainless steel sphere

- May 08, 2019-

GCr15 stainless steel spheres will not rust and are not easy to rust. The main principle of GCr15 stainless steel spheres is to form a dense layer of chromium oxide on the surface of steel by adding chromium. It can effectively block steel. Re-contact with the air prevents the oxygen in the air from entering the steel and prevents the steel from rusting.

GCr15 stainless steel spheres have a hardness of 56-58 degrees, magnetic, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and toughness are mainly used in bearings, stamping / hydraulic parts, valves, seal refrigeration equipment, aerospace high-precision mechanical parts, Crafts, toys.

The metallographic structure of GCr15 stainless steel sphere belongs to martensitic steel, which has high production process requirements, complicated heat treatment process, easy cracking and high precision. It is the hardest stainless steel ball in steel ball: HRC58. The hardness is close to the bearing steel ball, but it has stronger anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance than the former.

The metallurgical structure of GCr15 stainless steel spheres during use: Martensite, austenite, bainite, ferrite and other crystal structures have different densities, which also have an effect on crystal