Production methods and advantages of GCr15 steel ball

- Jul 23, 2018-

GCr15 steel ball has a considerable proportion of forging and rolling balls during the production process. The semi-solid molding of the whole product has unconventional casting, and the non-simple die-casting can explain the characteristics. The GCr15 steel ball is mainly like a kind. The excellent performance of the advanced technology of casting, forging, casting and forging has attracted people's attention.


GCr15 steel ball is a very simple, flexible and reliable production method in the process of casting, so that it can easily realize the expansion advantage of its low investment and large-scale production to a certain extent, and it is used as an expert and engineer in operation. Facing the steelmaking furnace, using various advanced techniques and alloy composition design, exerting endless imagination to create a new and more advanced variety to meet the competitive needs of the competition, more people can Experience. Of course, the high cost performance and sustainable development potential of the casting ball makes it the main force in today's crushing industry, especially the cement crushing industry steel ball production method.


GCr15 steel balls are tempered in time after quenching. In the process of operation, it is necessary to eliminate the quenching stress in time, stabilize the structure, and further remove the hidden danger of cracking of the workpiece. After the workpiece is heat treated, the quality is excellent and the production operation is good.