Process and influence factors of wheel bearing steel ball

- Sep 28, 2018-

In the process of making the wheel bearing steel ball, it is divided into grinding steel ball, forged steel ball and casting steel ball according to the production process, and is divided into bearing steel ball, stainless steel ball, carbon steel ball, alloy ball and the like according to the processing material. Among them, the alloy steel ball is a spherical iron-iron alloy wear-resistant body which is mainly composed of carbon, chromium, manganese, molybdenum and the like, and is formed by forging, spinning, rolling and casting. It is the crushing industry today. Mine ball, cement ball and other important components.


Post-process technology for wheel bearing steel ball production

The post-process of steel ball production, namely automatic cleaning of steel balls, automatic appearance inspection (automatic rejection of non-conforming products), automatic rust prevention, counting and packaging, are the key factors affecting the quality of steel balls. The appearance inspection of steel balls is an indispensable process in the processing of steel balls. The appearance inspection of steel balls mainly includes the detection of surface scratches, rust, surface spots and the like.


Factors affecting the wheel bearing steel ball

1. Material density effects: steel balls, cast iron balls, alloy steel balls, etc., the density of different materials is different, the density of steel is larger than that of cast iron, and the alloy steel varies according to the density and content of the main alloying elements.


2. Influence of steel ball manufacturing method: The rolled and forged steel balls are dense in structure, so the density is large, and the microstructure of cast cast steel balls, cast iron balls or cast alloy balls is not dense, and even there are pores, so the density Smaller.


3. Metallographic structure of steel balls: The density of different crystal structures such as martensite, austenite, bainite and ferrite is also different, which also affects the crystal fineness.