Precision steel ball size determination and fine grinding, super finishing process

- Sep 04, 2018-

Due to the influence of the size of the precision steel ball on its use effect, however, because the number of parameters affecting the size of the precision steel ball is too large, the method of determining the ball diameter is affected by various variable parameters, in order to simplify the problem, only Some variable parameters can be fixed in a certain range of values, and then the relationship between the ore size and the ball diameter can be determined through experiments.


In the specific practice, the working parameters that are commonly used or confirmed in the production of the mill to be calculated, such as the transfer rate, the ball loading rate, and the slurry concentration, are selected as fixed values, and then several sets of precision steel balls are tested according to experience, and the effect is good. A set of balls is the best ball of choice.


In the production process of precision steel balls, fine grinding and super-finishing are the final processing steps. The precision steel ball processing higher than G40 is generally super-finishing. The technical requirements for the final dimensional deviation, geometric accuracy, surface roughness, surface quality and burn of precision steel balls shall meet the requirements of the fine grinding or superfinishing process.


When checking the diameter deviation and geometric accuracy of the precision steel ball, it must be measured on the specified special instrument; the surface roughness and surface quality inspection of the workpiece after lapping are generally performed under the astigmatism; the surface of the workpiece after super-finishing For the inspection of quality and surface roughness, a certain number of workpieces must be taken at 90 times under the microscope and the standard photo is checked. When the surface roughness is in doubt, it can be detected on the surface roughness meter.