Precision bearing steel ball related standards and parameters

- Apr 23, 2018-

Summarize the specification standards that precision bearing steel balls should have:

Precise bearing steel balls should be made of high-quality vacuum degassed steel. The material is GCr15. It adopts the internationally advanced processing technology (protection atmosphere heat treatment, surface strengthening treatment, etc.);The standard of precision bearing steel ball should be paid attention to strictly in accordance with ISO9002 quality assurance system standards. Accuracy has different accuracy grades such as G5, G10, and G16, and must meet the GB308-2002 national standard and ISO3290-1998 international standard.

The range of precision bearing steel balls is applicable to all types of ball bearings, motor bearings, automotive steel balls, precision machinery, electrical equipment, instruments, transportation tools, and household appliances.

Precision bearing steel ball related parameters:

Precision bearing steel ball diameter should pay attention to 0.5mm ~ ~ 50.8mm; certificate should be ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TS-16949; on the performance of the steel ball, on this hardness ≦ 28 degrees, no magnetic after degaussing, Strong rust resistance, no corrosion performance; mainly used in medical equipment, food machinery, cosmetics accessories, body jewelry, instrumentation equipment.

The precision bearing steel ball is made of austenitic steel. It is the highest grade in the current steel ball industry. HRC ≤ 26, which is most suitable for industries with high anticorrosion requirements. All performances are superior to 304 stainless steel ball ratios; and In the case of precision bearing steel ball products, RoHs environmental certifications can be issued and the factories themselves have emission certificates and other relevant material certifications.

Precision bearing steel balls can also be called acid-resistant steel balls. This steel ball has better corrosion resistance and can perform better rust prevention performance in environments such as strong acids and alkalis. The precision bearing steel ball produced by stainless steel 316L is more resistant to 316 (L) rust than the precision bearing steel ball produced by stainless steel 304. It can pass the salt spray test under normal conditions for 72 hours, which means its service life and use. The environment is more prominent.