Polishing bearing ball manufacturing process and polishing process

- Apr 16, 2019-

Polishing bearing ball will undergo the important process of polishing. The method of polishing the bearing ball before the first comparison of the soil is to use waste cotton wool, wheat straw, stone, etc.; now generally use silicon carbide, magnesium oxide, lightening agent and so on. The polishing temperature can reach 120-500 degrees or more, so the heat resistance and thermal stability of the polishing wax are good. Since the polishing material is rubbed at a high speed as the polishing wheel rotates during polishing, the temperature rises sharply.


The polishing material used for polishing the bearing ball has good stability, which is beneficial to the polishing wax at the working temperature without any chemical reaction with the surface to be polished, otherwise it will affect the smoothness of the polished surface. In addition to polishing, which processes are involved in the production of polished bearing balls.


The first is to make the embryos, and various spherical blanks are produced by various methods; then the spherical blanks are placed in the same shape as the blanks, and the upper and lower two multi-channel concentric rings of the same size and triangular-shaped grinding grooves are matched. In the middle, add oil and coarse abrasive; the upper grinding disc rotates and the lower grinding disc does not move. Each time the rough grinding is completed, the oil and the coarse abrasive residue adhering to the surface of the ball are washed.


Finally, the rough-grinding blank is put into a fine mill, and low-viscosity oil and fine abrasive are added and ground to a standard size. After these processes are completed, the polished bearing balls can be polished according to certain specifications to obtain the corresponding quality.