On the decarburized layer of high-end bearing steel wire for grade steel balls

- Apr 02, 2020-

The accuracy of the steel ball is divided according to grade, the diameter is between 0.5mm-100mm, and the accuracy is between G40-G1000. The characteristics of the steel ball are ferrite steel, oily packaging, the hardness can reach HRC62-65 degrees, the material has good wear resistance, and the precision after cold processing into steel balls can reach one ten thousandth of a millimeter.


Steel balls are used as rolling elements in various tool parts, of which rolling bearing steel balls are the most extensive. The performance and life of rolling bearing steel balls depend largely on the technical quality level of the steel balls. As one of the raw materials for the production of bearing steel balls-bearing steel wire, the current domestic bearing steel wire has basically met the market demand, but because the bearing users are at different levels, the bearing steel users are also at different levels.


Through the research and analysis of the decarburized layer of high-end bearing steel wire rods for grade balls, the technical requirements of the decarburized layer of high-end bearing steel wire rods are used, and the process control measures of high-end bearing steel continuous casting billets and wire rods are studied in order to ensure ball-level ball decarburization The carbon layer has good wear resistance, surface hardness and high fatigue life. After research and development and customer use, the decarburization layer indicators of the high-end bearing steel wire rods developed for ball use all meet customer requirements.