Manufacturing process of GCr15 bearing steel balls

- Jan 25, 2019-

In order to produce high-quality GCr15 bearing steel ball products, the key is to use advanced bearing steel ball manufacturing equipment. When using, jog the hydraulic cylinder to advance the grinding plate until the bearing steel ball is just placed between the two grinding plates. Install the ball outlet to keep it loose, jog the spindle to make the steel ball between the two grinding plates, adjust the ball to make the ball plate close to the grinding plate or grinding wheel, and fasten the ball end. .

At this time, the pressure between the two grinding plates is suitable to drive the chrome steel ball to rotate. Close the shield and start the pump as soon as the tray is started. According to the craft habits of each factory, adjust the spindle and the tray speed, adjust the amount of scoring so that the steel balls in each groove of the ball guide plate are evenly distributed and must not overlap.

Adjust the grinding pressure, pull the pressure switch on the operation panel to the open position, adjust the pressure increasing valve on the hydraulic station panel, and raise the pressure to each factory and lock it. Pay attention to the hydraulic system to keep the pressure on. Under normal working conditions, the host's running condition, pressure, and whether the ball is in and out should be observed frequently. When the GCr15 bearing steel ball reaches the specified size and surface quality, first reduce the working pressure, then press the total stop button to prepare the container to remove the bearing steel ball.